[Mumudaily]-Adhesive Casters Pulley Rollers Set
[Mumudaily]-Adhesive Casters Pulley Rollers Set
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[Mumudaily]-Adhesive Casters Pulley Rollers Set
[Mumudaily]-Adhesive Casters Pulley Rollers Set
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Adhesive Casters Pulley Rollers Set

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Commonly used for small projects and movable furniture including dressers, crates, under bed storage , shoe bins, toy bins, cabinets, bookshelves, easel, etc. Easy to move the bigger object any time! 

The pulleys makes can be attached to the bottom of the box / furniture, allowing you to enjoy 360-degree exercise capacity. 

Also, it conveniently lifts your appliance, making it easier for you to clean beneath your



Move smoothly in all directions without making a harsh noise or leaving any scratches on the floor. Protective cover assures low torque and longevity.

The pulley has sturdy and durable frame, wear-resistant and smooth wheel. They work more stable and safer under load. I

t is made of ABS material, no need to punch.


Materials: ABS
Product Weight: 37g
Color: White
Size: 1.4 x 4.5 x 2.8cm



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