[Mumudaily]-Breathable Dog Mat Brown
[Mumudaily]-Breathable Dog Mat Brown
[Mumudaily]-Breathable Dog Mat Brown
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[Mumudaily]-Breathable Dog Mat Brown
[Mumudaily]-Breathable Dog Mat Brown
[Mumudaily]-Breathable Dog Mat Brown
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Breathable Dog Mat Brown

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Breathable dog mat brown is waterproof, breathable and machine-washable.

1, Made of special waterproof fabric and cotton, the dog mat is durable, skin-friendly, breathable, soft to touch. With a waterproof effect, it gives your pets a comfortable experience.
2, Upper side: Soft quilted upper can give dogs comfort.
3, Bottom: Use non-slip material to prevent mischievous dogs from moving the mat. Base material adheres to TPU which has waterproof effect as fabric.


  • Comfortable. Thoughtful anti-slip design at the bottom makes a dog sleep steadily.
  • Dogs feel cool in summer. The front side has breathable meshes that make the dog feel cool even sleeping in summer.
  • Simple but fashionable style
  • Multi-function: You can put it in the pet cage, pet bed, sofa and so on.
  • Easy to clean. It is machine and hand washable.
  • Free shipping
  • Fast delivery
  • Return guarantee.

💙Color💙: Brown


S: 23.6 * 15.7 inches
M: 23.6 * 19.6 inches
L: 39.3 * 26.3 inches

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